Project blue line: programme of coordinated management of marine litter on the shore of Charente-Maritime (France)

The shore of Charente-Maritime is specific in France. The debris comes primarily from marine activities (oysters culture), whereas in the south, there is more classic debris (plastic bottles etc). The nuisance is real. For example, the municipalities clean the beaches with unsuitable tools, prejudicial for the environment (causing loss of biodiversity, erosion etc). The programme objective is to reduce the debris, to inform the municipalities, to develop a real job of “coastal worker”, and to valorise the collected debris through professional education and training.



Place / Location


Poitou-Charente, France, La Rochelle

Commencement Date January 2012
Duration Minimum 3 years
Theme Prevention, Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action, Campaign, Other - job creation
Initiated by Téo environnement (Private company)
Involved Stakeholders Mayors of municipalities, directors of the concerned services of the municipalities, elected local, smokers, picnickers, technicians of cleaning, the passengers of the ships, fishermen, consumers, associations, fast food.
Funding/Financial Support Private and local public funding
Success Rate Not yet known, but this project is already a success in terms of sensitizing the key actors.
Case Study prepared by Fabrice Faurre :
Submitted by Florian Geffroy :

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