Discover the interactive documentary: Troubled Waters

tl_files/base/logos/logo_troubledwaters.png634,000 kilograms of waste are dumped into the oceans each second, 20 billion tonnes per year, of which 80% come from land! Well, what can we do?

We cannot hide from the fact that this enormous amount of waste littering the bottom of our seas and oceans come from us, from our actions as well as our inactions. What steps can we take to curb this scourge, and how can we find real solutions in our practices and laws to better manage our waste?

Troubled Waters questions us, we Europeans, on our ability to change our behaviour towards waste. For two years, filmmaker Isabelle Sylvestre travelled across Europe in order to meet different groups and individuals who are all part of the waste management system. From the door-to-door service to explain recycling, to the large "indecision" of our national and European politics; from the management of "green" ports, or the visit to a very special school of young fishermen, to the emergence of collective good practices, and the impact of the economic crisis on waste management, Isabelle Sylvestre encountered Europeans, who in their own way, try to change things - or not.



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