Monitoring marine litter in Brittany (France)

Considering the provisions of the OSPAR Convention (OSPAR stands for Oslo – Paris) and taking into account the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, which states that litter is considered a pollution indicator, Surfrider Foundation Europe’s Finisterre and Brittany chapters organize monthly litter clean-ups on Porsmillin beach in Brittany.

The clean-ups are carried out in accordance with the OSPAR protocol for sorting and identifying litter and the Surfrider Foundation chapter is therefore an official observer. This marine litter quantifying operation, with duration of 3 years, will enable the identification of the type of collected waste and will facilitate the build-up of a scientifically valid and significant database.



Place / Location France
Commencement Date 2011
Duration 3 years
Theme Mitigation
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action
Initiated by Surfrider Foundation Europe, Brittany chapter
Involved Stakeholders Surfrider Foundation Europe, Finisterre chapter, CEDRE, Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise
Funding/Financial Support Yes (municipality funds)
Success Rate Somewhat successful
Case Study prepared by

Marie-Amélie NEOLLIER

Surfrider Foundation Europe

Chef de projets Surfrider Bretagne

4 rue Corot

29200 BREST


Submitted by

Isabelle Poitou, MerTerre

MARLISCO Partner 7

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