Kuna Yala project

In the year 2000 the Lighthouse Foundation was established as a charitable foundation in Germany. The Foundation’s purpose is to promote science and research, teaching, culture, and the principles of environmentalism and international development in relation to the world’s seas and oceans. The Lighthouse Foundation supports integrated and long-term approaches in the relationship between humans and the marine environment within the context of sustainable development.

One example project of the Lighthouse Foundation is ‘Panama 2011: Sustainable use of marine resources in Kuna Yala’. This project aims at educating the communities in these Panama islands on the principles of sustainable development. Activities focus on fisheries and coral reef management, sustainable agriculture and sustainable waste management.


Place / Location Global
Commencement Date 2005
Duration ongoing
Theme Awareness (Cross-cutting), Prevention
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action, Campaign
Initiated by Lighthouse Foundation

Involved Stakeholders

Balu Uala (Kuna Yala NGO), Centro de Investigación, Educación y Maneyo en Recursos Naturales, Local fishermen and common people of the Kuna Yala islands

Funding/Financial Support

US$ 86.880 by the Lighthouse Foundation


Success Rate

Somewhat successful

Case Study prepared by

Padraig Nolan, EuPC


Submitted by

Padraig Nolan, EuPC



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