Assessment of marine litter pollution on Slovenian coasts (Slovenia)

The first assessment of coastal marine litter pollution of the Slovenian sea was done in 2007 for a graduation thesis. The methodology used was based on the Israeli Clean Coast Index (The Israeli Ministry of the Environment, Marine and Coastal Environment Division) and adapted to Slovenian conditions. Andreja Palatinus, who performed this analysis in Slovenia, was hired by the Slovenian Institute for Water so that he could carry out beach litter assessment, microplastics pollution and other floating litter assessment for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive implementation (MSFD). In order to carry out the time-consuming microplastics sampling and sample analysis, , collaboration with the University of Nova Gorica was established. The Universityprovided a group of 8 students to perform microplastics sampling and analysis as a student project activity that is a mandatory subject in 4 semesters of study. Results from the National Service for the Protection of the Coastal sea (SVOM) (Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment, Slovenian Environment Agency) and Eco Vitae NGO projects were also included in the Initial Assessment.


Place / Location


Commencement Date November 2010
Duration Ongoing
Theme Mitigation, Awareness (Cross-cutting)
Type of Initiative Policy/Regulation Implementation
Initiated by Andreja Palatinus (former student of University of Nova Gorica), employed at Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia, Slovenian Environment Agency

Involved Stakeholders

- Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment

- Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia

- Slovenian Environment Agency

- University of Nova Gorica

- Eco Vitae NGO

Funding/Financial Support

Yes, from the National Government.

Success Rate

Very Successful

Case Study prepared by Andreja Palatinus, IWRS
Submitted by

Slavko Mezek, RRC Koper

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