Installation of a barrage on the Adour river for the interception and collection of waste (France)

The Adour Institution is an interdepartmental public institution established in 1978 by four general councils of the Adour basin (Hautes-Pyrénées, Gers, Landes andPyrénées-Atlantiques) to manage the Adour River from its source to its mouth.

A floating barrier is installed on the Adour in a strategic position to secure floating waste and to collect it.

Collection operations on the barrage took place November 1 to 31, 3 times a week (since November 2011), every year.


Place / Location France
Commencement Date 2000
Duration Ongoing
Theme Prevention, Mitigation
Type of Initiative Practice/ Activity/ Action
Initiated by Adour Institution
Involved Stakeholders

Gironde Company of Equipment is an enterprise of works in aquatic environments. Since 2011, it provides the collection equipment (heavy mechanical equipment) and the agents in charge of their maneuver.
The MIFEN is an association of rehabilitation through work sites focused on environmental issues. They deposit the waste in containers

Since 2011, LOREKI provides bins and containers for wood, Industrial waste banal, toxic waste in dispersed quantities, dead animals, waste treatment activities. Loreki organises collection when the containers are full. General Council of Landes and Kosta Garbia are also concerned.

Funding/Financial Support

Yes, for investments.

Conseil Régional Aquitaine (30%), Agence de l’Eau Adour-Garonne (20%), Institution-Adour (20%), Etat (17.5%), ADEME (12%).

Since 2005, all operating expenses are paid by the four general councils, averaging € 220,000 / year.

Success Rate Very Successful
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Stéphane SIMON : Responsable cellule "Eau", SIG
Institution Adour - Conseil Général des Landes - 40025 Mont de Marsan Cedex
15, rue Victor Hugo - 40000 Mont de Marsan
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