Indirect Fee System for the Collection of Ship Waste in Cyprus (Cyprus)

The Cypriot Port Authority, in accordance with National and EU legislation (ΚΔΠ. 771/2003 - 2000/59/ΕΚ) has implemented an ‘Indirect Fee System’ which means that every ship that enters Cypriot ports is charged a fee that gives it the right to dispose of its waste (solid waste, sludge (from burning of fuel) and sewage), regardless of whether or not the ship will actually dispose of any waste. The charges for solid waste vary depending on ship type:

Type/function of ship

Fee per day (or part of day) at port

Passenger ships


Container ships




Bulk cargo ships




Ships on orders


Ships under construction or entering port for refueling, staff change, food supplies etc.


The quantity of waste that these ships are allowed to dispose of is defined as “reasonable” for the specific type of ship.

The Indirect Fee System provides an incentive for ships to deliver their waste to ports rather than to dispose of them at sea.

It is estimated that every year a total of about 15,400 cubic meters of waste is collected through this system at the three main Cypriot ports (Limassol, Larnaca and Vasilikos). This waste is comprised mainly (about 90%) of waste originating from the preparation of food and other activities taking place in the ships’ bars and restaurants. An additional 2100 cubic meters of sewage and sewage sludge are collected.

The treatment of the collected waste depends on its type. Recyclables are collected separately and sent for recycling, mixed waste is sent for disposal and, where possible, sewage waste is sent to sewage treatment facilities in Cyprus.



Place / Location Cyprus
Commencement Date 2005
Duration Ongoing
Theme Prevention
Type of Initiative Policy/Regulation Implementation                    
Initiated by Cypriot Government
Involved Stakeholders Port Authority
Funding/Financial Support Cypriot Government initially but it is self-funded.
Success Rate Very Successful
Case Study prepared by

Petros Dias

Environmental Officer, Cyprus Port Authority

Submitted by

Demetra Orthodoxou, Isotech Ltd

MARLISCO Partner 12

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