MerTerre, France

Description of Organisation:

MerTerre was created in 2000. It has as main object to contribute to the reduction of the pollution of marine litter in the aquatic environments and on the coastal areas. It created the ODEMA (Observatory of Debris in Marine Environment) in 2006, in continuation of its work of applied research in the field of the evaluation of pollution by the marine litter like tool of knowledge, decision-making support and sensibilisation.
The activities of association develop around 4 axis:

· the research and the development on tools of knowledge of pollution by the marine litter and of decision-making aid for the managers
· the council near the Local government agencies in construction and the implementation of plan of management concerted of the marine litter
· the animation, the coordination and the valorisation of the collaborative social network which carries out cleanings of portions of the littoral or banks of river
· sensitizing and education with the reduction of pollution by the marine litter

Main tasks in the project:

MerTerre, the French partner will be responsible for conducting the various work packages proposed for France (WP 4, 5 and 6) and bring in knowledge and data related to marine litter (WP 1) and best practice in this region (WP 2).

Relevant experience:

MerTerre conducted many studies on the topic of the marine litter:

- a study on marine litter in 2008, with the Girus Research Department, within the framework of the bay contract of the roads of Toulon on behalf of the General Council of the Var;
- study on the marine litter for the town of Marseilles in 2009;
- study for an integrated management of the Posidonia on the beaches of Six-Fours (Var) with the Conservatory of the Littoral;
- participation in the development of the indicators for the Marine Strategy Framework within the work of the Task Group 10 on Marine Litter;
- convention over 3 years of 2011 to 2013, with the Community of Commune Marseilles Provence Metropolis to accompany them in the implementation of a control program concerted of the marine litter.
- study of the marine litter in front of and on the beaches of Antibes for Véolia and the town of Antibes for improving their management

MerTerre coordinates Clean-up the Calanques operation since 2008 which gathers in 2010, 1350 people resulting from 70 structures the 1st we of June to clean up the littoral. MerTerre takes part in many local clean-ups of beach and encourages its partners to evaluate the waste collected using a method developed during the thesis of Isabelle Poitou. MerTerre carries out many interventions of sensibilisation and awareness. For instance, it produced a musical show which constitutes an element of a complete program on the marine litter.


Isabelle Poitou

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