Description of ISOTECH

Since its establishment in 1991, ISOTECH Ltd has evolved into one of the leading environmental research and consultancy companies in Cyprus. ISOTECH is a private, research oriented SME, with scientific expertise in solid waste management (including organic, industrial and municipal waste), waste characterisation and conversion/reuse processes, coastal engineering (including sediment transport and dynamics, wave dynamics and coastal morphology), climate change and vocational training. ISOTECH’s expertise also extends to the area of decision support, and the company’s research team has developed and recently published (2012) a widely validated decision support method, the DeCyDe-4, which has already been implemented for different environmental and management issues. ISOTECH has actively participated either as leader or partner, in several projects funded by the EU, national and international organisations, public administrations and the private sector.

Ongoing and planned activities regarding best practices

72 Best Practice examples for the management and the reduction of marine litter have been collected from all the partnership countries and stored in a dedicated web-database. These Best Practice examples, covering the entire lifecycle of marine litter, have been evaluated through the development and implementation of a dedicated application of DeCyDe-4 method (Isotech 2012), the DeCyDe-for-Marlisco, with the participation of key actors and experts. Eleven best practices, having the greatest potential for minimising marine litter in European seas, have been selected and analysed in greater detail. Through this process, MARLISCO will help create a shift towards the implementation of best practices, to define and promote synergies between sectoral policies and key actors, to enhance co-responsibility in order to minimise the impact of litter on the marine environment and, finally, to introduce the use of new generation decision support tools in any level of decision, in order to avoid subjectivity and make decisions strong.


Xenia I. Loizidou

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