Turkish Marine Research Foundation (Turk Deniz Arastirmalari Vakfi), Turkey

Description of Organisation:

Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV)  was established in 1997 for the aim of conducting researches on marine sciences, protecting marine lives, educating public on marine environment and rising awareness on its importance in our life. Our foundation published 45 books, 19 in English and 26 in Turkish, since its establishment. Our foundation has conducted several researches and projects by the support of international institutions like UNEP–UNDP and European Union, as well as by the support of private sector.  TUDAV was also became an observer for Black Sea Environment Program (BSERP), Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) and United Nations (BM).

TUDAV coordinate educational studies on the protection of our seas by conducting summer schools and seminars and 10.000 students joined to those seminars only in 2003-2004. It distributed a book, named “Our Seas” to the students of Primary Schools.

TUDAV organizes many workshops and courses and establishes marine laws on various current problems like the pollutions, especially in Turkish Strait, marine biodiversity, sustainable fishery, marine protection areas and marine laws. TUDAV continues studies on sustainable fishery especially in Turkish Strait Region and Black Sea. Moreover, It also make an effort on the implementation of responsible fishery in Turkey by organizing seminars. There is a cooperation with related foundations for preventing pollutions originated from the ships and for developing MARPOL 73-78 Convention.

You can follow our foundations work from www.tudav.org.

Any questions you might have about our seas or membership, you can send an email to the below; tudav@tudav.org

Main tasks in the project:

To conduct all national activities in Turkey (WP 4, 5 and 6) and input to WP 1 and 2.

Relevant experience:

TUDAV has conducted research on marine litter collected by trawl nets in the Aegean Sea and found on the Black Sea coast (see the reference papers attached). TUDAV also successfully carried out a LIFE Third Country Project on the Preservation of Oludeniz Lagoon, in 2002-2005.


Ayaka A. Ozturk

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