“TROUBLED WATERS” - an interactive documentary that questions our behaviours towards waste

Paris, France - (June 8th 2015) - At the occasion of the World Oceans Day organised by UNESCO on June 8th in Paris, an interactive documentary is launched in 19 countries to find solutions in front of what is called, the most silent and invisible environmental disaster of our times. As a matter of fact, 634.000 kg of waste is dumped every second into our oceans.

For two years, filmmaker Isabelle Sylvestre travelled across Europe to understand how the Europeans at large are dealing with this alarming situation. From volunteers doing active door-to-door campaigns, to politicians fighting the so-called “dilemma” between employment and environmental regulations; from the rise of "green" ports to innovative local initiatives, Isabelle Sylvestre encountered Europeans, who in their own way, try to change things - or not.

But what are you ready to do about it? Find out more by watching Troubled Waters on http://www.marlisco.eu/watch-troubled-waters.en.html.


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