The MARLISCO exhibition and art works at the Galata – Museum of the Sea in Genova, Italy

After an International contest, involving more than 50 artists realizing their work by using marine litter, the MARLISCO project winners are now exposing their art pieces at the Galata Museo del Mare (Museum of the Sea) in Genova, Italy, managed by Mu.MAandCosta Edutainment.

The Galata Museo del Mare is one of the biggest Mediterranean maritime museums, with 28 rooms on 4 levels, and is hosting the MARLISCO art works, from the 6th to the 26th of June 2014. In addition to the 3 winnin works – awarded on the 4th of April 2014 in Teramo during the ceremony hosted by the journalist Tessa Gelisio – the Galata will show the MARLISCO Exhibition, an ideal training path about marine litter realized by the MARLISCO Consortium and translated in Italian and managed by the Mind in Action agency for the Province of Teramo. 

The Art works exhibited in Genova are the following:

1. Free at least (original title: Finalmente Libero) – by Dario Di Franco: A work looking at the future through the decomposition process of biodegradable shoppers composing it.

2. An Undesirable Archive - by Steve McPherson: A work of 160 images made by digital prints in colour on light and by plastic debris found at the beach.

3. Music Players (o.t.: Suonatori) – by Sergio Scarcelli: A work made with PVC tubes recovered from the sea. The secret of the story, notes without sound for a world that doesn’t want to listen.

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MARLISCO art works in Genova, Galata Museo del Mare, during the first exhibition day

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