The MARLISCO contest at the Festambiente Italian festival

The XXVI edition of “Festambiente”, a Legambiente’ (Italian League for the Environment) National Festival, will take place in Ripescia (GR, Italy) from the 8th to the 17th of August 2014 and will run daily conferences, debates and books launches.

On the 16th of August, the Province of Teramo will show the MARLISCO Italian Video contest winning videos, realized by Italian Schools taking part to the 2013-2014 contest.

The Province of Teramo will show the following Italian MARLISCO videos:

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-breadcrumb.png 1st classified: “SOS Sea” (original title: “SOS Mare”), Virgo Laureatana School from Grottammare (Ascoli Piceno, Italy), 01/08, in the Filiani Villa Garden, Pineto - 9,30 pm;

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-breadcrumb.png 2nd classified: “Pollutingly” (o.t. “Inquinamente”), “Cocconi” Institute from Rome, 02/08, Enrico Fermi square, Silvi – h 9,00 pm;

tl_files/marlisco/lib/layout/arrow-breadcrumb.png 3rd classified: “Food Chain” (o.t. “Catena Alimentare”), Melchiorre-Delfico Secondary School from Teramo, 03/08, Cerrano Tower, h 9,00 pm.

A playlist with all the European MARLISCO video-contest 1st classified videos can be watched at, while a trailer collecting the best images of all the videos winning the European contests can be watched on our website at

For information about the Festambiente festival activities, visit the following link,, or download the program at

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