Teacher training as part of the Winter Academy 2013

EUCC-D Marine Litter teacher training

The Institute for Quality Development Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (IQMV) invited from 4 to 6th February 2013 to the Winter Academy 2013 – a training series for teachers and environmental educators. EUCC - The Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) participated with a three-hour workshop on the subject "How the Baltic Sea comes to school? Sustainable learning with local influences". Anke Vorlauf and Matthias Mossbauer from EUCC-D showed at the example of the Baltic Sea, how the themes ‘sea and coast’ allows interdisciplinary teaching in the natural and social sciences. Using the example of marine litter they presented opportunities for active participation (e.g. in the project MARLISCO).

For more information please visit our website www.eucc-d.de or contact Anke Vorlauf (vorlauf@eucc-d.de) or Mathias Mossbauer (mossbauer@eucc-d.de).

Teachers tested an allocation-game about marine litter/ © Anke Vorlauf (EUCC-D)

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