Reading - Discussion - Impulses for education: A special event to sea and coast

Workshop on Marine Litter organised by EUCC-D

In December 2012EUCC The Coastal Union Germany (EUCC-D) participated in an event of the Association for Natural and Environmental Education Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (ANU M-V). Based on the bestseller "The Swarm" by Frank Schätzing the ANU M-V organized a public event with reading, discussion, lecture and workshop on sea and coast. Anke Vorlauf and Matthias Mossbauer from EUCC-D gave a presentation and carry out a workshop on marine litter to show how marine litter issues can become a topic in education and training. Naturally, the activities of the EU project MARLISCO were presented.

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Marine Litter Workshop organised by EUCC-The Coastal Union Germany

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