More than 11000 people participated in MARLISCO awareness activities performed in Portugal

MARLISCO activities had a significant involvement of citizens in Portugal. In addition to video contest, the exhibition and national fora, several activities were performed in Portugal to raise awareness of the society to the impacts and solutions regarding marine litter.

About 60 different activities were performed in the scope of MARLISCO including lectures in conferences, beach cleanups and several environmental activities performed at the beach, schools and in events like seminars and fairs. The development of these activities was possible due to several contacts and partnerships established specially with municipalities, schools and NGOs.

Additionally, in Portugal were launched two contests not initially foreseen, at all similar to the video contest, in order to involve the children. MARLISCO Anthem Contest, where 751 children from 4 to 8 years old participated with 30 songs. (The best MARLISCO Anthems can be seen in InMARLISCO Tale’s Contest, children from 8 to 12 years old had to write stories about marine litter. In total were received 39 tales from 403 participants. The best stories were published in book.

During MARLISCO project, more than 11000 people participated in awareness activities performed in Portugal.

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