MARLISCO National Fora in Turkey

The Turkish MARLISCO National Forum took place on 16 October 2014 at Taksim, Istanbul. It was run by Guven Islamoglu, who is a well-known journalist at CNN Turk, working on environmental issue. The forum successfully engaged live audience consisting of more than 50 representatives from industry, NGO’s, governmental departments and coastal clean-up units, academia and research institutions, waste management, media, fishermen, as well as school teachers. Besides, we had nearly ten satellite groups that watched the event online. They proposed several solutions to stop marine litter after dıscussion at each table, which will be submitted to relevant authorities. The participants of the forum were very satisfied.

tl_files/marlisco/mixed-images/National Fora/Turkey_Forum1.jpg

tl_files/marlisco/mixed-images/National Fora/Turkey_Forum2.jpg

tl_files/marlisco/mixed-images/National Fora/Turkey_Forum3.jpg

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