MARLISCO and University of Teramo together for the GeSLoPAN master

The 7FP MARLISCO “MARine Litter in Europe Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO-Responsability”project dissemination activities go on. On Tuesday, 6th of May 2014, at the Villa Filiani in Pineto (Italy), the Province of Teramo, within a memorandum of understanding signed with the University of Teramo, contributed to the GeSLoPAN master’s program in “Local development management in Parks and Natural Areas” giving a class lecture about marine litter. The MARLISCO project participation to GeSLoPAN, organized by the University of Teramo with the support of AIDAP (Italian Association of Protected Areas Directors and officials), Federparchi (Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves) and WWF Italy, represented an important occasion to inform about the marine litter problem and to disseminate  the MARLISCO main message in universities: raising public awareness and co-responsibility for thesustainable management of marine litter across all European seas.

MARLISCO’s activities and results were illustrated by Doriana Calilli, MARLISCO Project Coordinator. Luigi Alcaro, marine biologist at ISPRA (Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), reported the scientific part about solid marine litter and the Mind in Action agency discussed the communication activities carried out by the MARLISCO project in Italy.

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