MARLISCO and Legambiente together for the defense of the sea!

Legambiente (League for the Environment), an important environmental Italian association, embraces the MARLISCO project thanks to its Green Schooner” (o.t. “Goletta Verde”), a wide summer information and sensitization campaign about sea pollution in our sea.

Every Summer, since 1986, the Legambiente’ Green Shooner goes round the Italian coasts and ports to monitor the quality of our seas, for a total number of 5,000 water samples analyzed in a sailing of 10,000 km.

This year, the Legambiente’ Green Schooner wants to support the MARLISCO information and awareness campaign, promoted by the MARLISCO Project at a National and European level, on the seriousness of marine pollution due to marine debris, that is any persistent manufactured or processed solid material that is discarded, disposed or abandoned in the marine and coastal environment. The most found materials are plastic, rubber, paper, metal, wood and glass.

From the Italian Port of Reggio Calabria, reached by the Green Schooner on the 19th of July 2014, to the Port of Trieste, where the boat arrives on the 12th of August 2014, passing through the Ports of Crotone, Castro, Bari, Margherita di Savoia, Manfredonia, Termoli, Vasto, Giulianova, Civitanova Marche, Senigallia, Ravenna and Venezia, the Legambiente’s boat will give visibility to the MARLISCO Project.

On the 1st of August 2014, the Legambiente’ Green Schooner, sustained by the “Costa Blu Flag” Coastal Action Group(CAG) of the Province of Teramo - aiming at supporting the local economy made up of small family- run fishing concerns, will reach the Port of Giulianova, where a MARLISCO Information desk is settled in order to give information about the activities carried out by the project within its marine litter awareness campaign. During the event, the MARLISCO Video Contest winning videos will be displayed, together with the art works realized by international artists and submitted to the MARLISCO Art Contest.

Moreover, edutainment workshops for children will be run at the Don Antonio Camping Village and the Parco dei Principi Hotel in Giulianova, within the “Waiting for Goletta Verde” agenda: such activity, executed under the supervision of a skilled marine biologist, will propose educational and playful moments on the marine litter theme to youngsters, aiming at raising the new generation awareness.

Other activities, such as the Waste hunting and Role Playing games simulating harnessing and entrapment in accordance with the NALG/OSPAR protocol for recording marine litter, will be run on the beach.

Do not miss the chance to participate in this awareness raising!

The Legambiente’ Green Schooner” and the MARLISCO Project are waiting for you on the 1st of August 2014 in Giulianova (Teramo, Italy)!

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